• dan renaud
  • chicago-born and trained, schooled by jesuits and comedians, mr. renaud is an award-winning writer-producer who has worked with some of the biggest and some of the smallest brands on the planet, including: Bud Light, Michelob Light, Wheaties, Santa Margarita, Carnival Cruises, Hyatt, Sunglass Hut, Florida Lottery, Fazoli's, Thiel Audio, That Lighting Store Without A Name and many, many others.

    he has co-created a number of reality shows including RookieGirl,™ Parole, Inc.™ and Syd Feltenstein presents SweatKittens ®-- currently in pre-production. as a screenwriter, mr. renaud is the co-writer of two features with his long-time collaborator, writer-director Wes Edwards: Summer Games and Skeleton Coast. 

    mr. renaud was at the bleeding edge of the internet in 1994.
    he was co-creator of WorldCam®  the planet's moving picture show™ -- over a decade ahead of YouTube and way cooler.  despite it's heavy video content and pre-streaming, top dial-up speeds of 24k and 56k, the site generated over 400,000 visitors from 112 countries over the four-day July 4th 1995 weekend. Today, those numbers would have been insane.  the team produced a tv pilot and pitched it to a bunch of great A-list agents, producers and network execs that didn't yet get the internet.   Unable to generate the capital needed to continue production, WorldCam® shut its doors in 1997, lessons learned. 

    with a bachelor's in theatre from loyola university chicago, he also studied alternative film at Northwestern and improvisational comedy with del close, charna alperin, improvOlympic and the second city chicago. he was cast in second city's touring company days after he closed on a house in kentucky. oops.

    he has appeared in a number of shorts and off-loop plays and was also a member of the chicago improv group, garage sale. at 18, mr. renaud won the southeastern theatre conference best actor award for his role in "Who?" -- an existential look at life through the eyes of one of the 11 kids killed at The Who concert stampede in 1979. the play, which he co-wrote, was selected best play in the southeatern theatre conference one-act festival and was subsequently staged by a number of troupes in other cities.

    mr. renaud currently splits his time between los angeles, nashville and lexington, kentucky.